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An International Day of Light Scavenger Hunt

Time and date: May 13th 2022, 14:00 (CET)

Place: Light Technology Institute (KIT Lichttechnisches Institut (LTI))

Event description: Let’s celebrate the International Day of Light with our now yearly Scavenger Hunt!

Join us on a quest to find light around the KIT campus in this fun outdoors activity! We have quizzes, activities and puzzles prepared for you, all related to physics, optics and light! Whether you are more of a particle or a wave (or both), be sure to not miss this event!

•When? May 13th, 14:00 hrs
•Where? Meeting point is at the Light Technology Institute at LTI
•Participate alone or as a team! (Teams will be decided at the first station)

There will be prizes for the fastest team, so get ready physically and mentally for fun challenges

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