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OSKar 10 Year Jubiläum

Time and date: Dinner on Saturday July 30th at 18:00 (CET). Brunch on Sunday July 31st, time: TBA

Place: Dinner: Brauhaus Kühler Krug. Brunch: TBA

Registration: LINK

Tickets: Paypal

Event Description: OSKar is happy to invite you to join its 10-year Jubiläum on this summer!* We hope that you will join us for a weekend in Karlsruhe and celebrate the journey of Optics Students Karlsruhe thus far! This event will be a rare opportunity for the alumni of this community to get together in Karlsruhe once again, remember the good old days, as well as meet new students who will soon be a part of this diverse and vast network!

The celebration consists of 2 events. Join us on Saturday at the Badisch Brauhaus for a semi-formal networking dinner with activities, raffles, and gifts planned, including a photo booth! A ticket purchase is required to attend this event.** If you are a current OSKar member (affiliated with the student chapter under SPIE or Optica) or are a current KSOP student/past OSKar Board member, you qualify for a discount.*** Once you have registered for your desired number of applicable tickets, you must complete your registration by providing payment through paypal according to the ticket prices below. Your payment must be received within 48 hours or your order will be cancelled.


General Admission – €30.00

Current KSOP Student/Past OSkar Board Member – €20.00

Current OSKar Member – €10.00

We also hope that you will join us for the second optional event, Sunday brunch! Continue the celebration with a glass of a mimosa (or drink of your choice) before you head home. If you are attending the brunch, please indicate during registration for reservation purposes. Location will be announced in July.

* Note: OSKar wasn’t technically founded 10 years ago but for official records, we keep it at 10, so let’s celebrate nonetheless!

** Note: The ticket includes access to the dinner event (food included but not drinks).

*** Note: Board and OSKar membership qualification for the discount will be checked upon registration, while current student discount qualification will be verified upon entry to the event (valid KIT student card required).

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