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Publishing 101: A Hands-On Introduction on Scientific Writing and Editing

Time and date: March 17th, 14:00 (CET)

Place: Physikhochhaus (Geb 30.23) 6/1, Wolfgang-Gaede-Straße, 76131 Karlsruhe


Topic description: In this Workshop we will get an insight on the structure of a Scientific Journal from Dr. Claus Roll and Prof. Dr. Carsten Rockstuhl, two renowned editors from the publishing community. During the event, you will also have the opportunity to write an abstract and receive feedback from our speakers. If you are interested in learning about the ethical issues and the publishing process in a Scientific Journal then this event is for you!


Prof. Dr. Carsten Rockstuhl is a professor and a department head at the Institute of Nanotechnology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He completed his PhD at University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland and spent time as a guest scientist at the National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan, as well as a junior professor for Theoretical Nanooptics at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. Prof. Dr. Rockstuhl is a Topical Editor at Optics Letters, an editor with the Journal of the European Optical Society – Rapid Publications, and is a member of editorial boards for the Journal of Modern Optics and the EPJ Applied Materials.

Dr. Claus Roll is the Director of Europe for Optica (formerly OSA), since 2020. His tasks comprise developing, building and sustaining relationships and connections with Optica members and customers in northern Europe. Prior to working for Optica, he worked during the 20 years for several STM publishers. This activity brought him deep insights to all aspects of the scientific publishing, including research assessment and evaluation in various countries and scientific domains. Before joining the positions in scientific publishing, Claus obtained a PhD degree in molecular biophysics, working on structure determination of DNA helixes by NMR and molecular dynamics.

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