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International Day of Light 2021

OSKar is happy to announce the very first Scavenger Hunt: Searching For Light. We will celebrate the International Day of Light with a quest for enlightenment!

Join us on May 16th for a scavenger hunt of optics-themed puzzles around KIT! You will be competing in teams of two to solve clues left around the KIT campus south. Winners of the hunt will be announced at the online Stammtisch at 7pm on the same day. The fastest 3 teams will win prizes! Note: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the event will run asynchronously so you will only interact with your team member.

You can come with a partner or alone and we will form teams, which will be announced the day before the event. You will also receive your starting time and your hunt starting location. (Starting time will be between 11am and 1pm).

So bring your smartphone, some water, a hat, and get ready to embark on this quest for enlightenment!

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